Vassiliki and Alexandros


Vassiliki Papadopoulou

has been dancing since she was 8 years old, starting with classical ballet, followed by contemporary, ballroom and Latin dances. At the age of 19, she found her passion in Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz, which charmed her with the energy and creativity that characterises them. Since then, she has been dancing non stop, having attended numerous workshops in Greece and abroad. She loves teaching, performing and competing. In lindy hop and authentic jazz dances, she finds freedom, energy and joy, as they  are for her a way of creative expression and a constant source of inspiration. She is currently located in her hometown, Athens, where she is teaching Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz as a member of Rhythm Hoppers’ team.

IG: @supercalifragilistic.docious




Alexandros Velentzas


Alexandros was introduced to the sounds of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Swing music from a very young age.During his teen years, he started taking Rock n’ Roll lessons,but shortly afterwards he was introduced to and immediately became addicted to Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz.  

Alexandros has been teaching Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz since 2016, both locally and internationally. Since 2018, he has been a member of the dance and teaching team at Rhythm Hoppers, one of the top swing dance schools in Athens/dance companies in Athens.He is also the coordinator and choreographer of the authentic jazz team “The Dukes of Rhythm”. His main goal is to inspire students and other dancers to be creative and express themselves through Jazz, while learning more about the culture of this African American art form and respecting the roots of Lindy Hop’s Black American Roots. 

He frequently teaches, performs and competes in international festivals. He has received numerous awards and will not hesitate to steal the show, given the option! He never stops training and developing his technique, trying out different genres. He stands out for the rhythmicity and quality of his movement, as well as his vibrant presence at social parties, where you will find him dancing till he drops!
IG: @alex.vltz