Janča Měchurová a Pavli Korcová

 Janča is a lindy hop, aerials and solo jazz teacher and choreographer from Brno. She started doing ballet and contemporary when she was 4 years old but for a lot of years, she was in love with folklore dance. She danced in professional folklore ensemble for many years, she learned there how to perform, present herself on a stage, how to work with big dance group, etc.  All this time she has been also learning different types of dance till in 2013 she has discovered lindy hop and hasn’t been able to leave it ever since. 

Dance is an important part of her life. Dancing to the music and communicating with each other is what makes swing dancing so special. It’s important that each person finds their own voice and style within the context of the dance, learning to share that with others, because everyone has something unique to bring to the dance. Mostly her classes are concerned with how to connect dance more with music, enjoy your dancing and have fun.

Pavli (@pavli_g) loves slow tempos. Swing and blues fascinates her by it’s power of storytelling, self-expression and liberation.
Being a school leader and an important person for the growth of swing dance scene in Czech Republic, community and social aspect of the dance has always been crucial for her. She also believes dancing and building this community is one of the most beautiful and positive forms of activism.
Social topics like feminism, safe space, emotional intelligence, cultural appropriation etc. influence the way she dances, thinks about the dance and music and shares ideas about it with others. She never stops studying, learning and exploring.