Dance classes

Like dancing itself, we enjoy swing dances and learning. We love to say that we can make everyone dancing. Proof of this is the fact that most of our teachers started out in Swing Wings as students too! :). In swing dancing the age doesn’t matter (look at 90-year-old Jean Veloz), as well as talent or previous dance experience. The only thing that needs to work is the joy of music and the excitement of it. Well, and a willingness to want to move. We can fine tune the rest together ;).

Our teachers have an international dance experience, they regularly go to workshops and competitions abroad where they not only improve their dancing but also attend training on how to teach and make lessons more attractive or entertaining. We share our experience with many friendly swing communities across Europe. We constantly strive to work on ourselves because we believe there is always room for improvement. It is a great pleasure for us to swing our swiftly improving students – Swing Wings. ❤

Basic info

What does one course mean?

One dance course takes 6 weeks = 6 lessons of 70 minutes – one lesson per week. However, it is possible to attend more courses simultaneously, so it can be quite intense!

How about a dance partner?

You can register for courses with your partner. In that case, however, the registration form must be filled by both! On all lessons, however, the partners alternate and we do not give the exceptions. But there is nothing to worry about, you know new people, but especially … it’s fun! If you do not have a partner, do not mind ;-). Register yourself and the system pair you with your first free partner.


How often do courses take place?

New courses take place every 6 weeks from September to June. When the next wave of courses starts, check out the Registration page.

Where are the courses taking place?

All courses take place at the Studio Kafka located in the Franz Kafka špitál (Koliště 43, 3. and 4. floor).

How do I sign up for a course?

Course registration opens about two weeks before the start of the wave. For the current dates and registration form, please visit the Registration page.



Do I have to sign up in a couple?

If you have the option to chat with a partner (not for solo classes). Those who sign up without a partner are automatically put on a “waiting list” and have to wait for someone without a partner to sign up.

We recommend a Facebook group to find a partner for the course: “Hledám tanečního partnera/partnerku – SWING WINGS(translated: I’m looking for a dance partner). PS: If you do not use Facebook, write us an email, we will add a post for you.

What's the difference between Swing, Lindy Hop and Charleston?

In our Swing Wings we teach mainly Lindy Hop. But swing dances are more. Swing is a jazz music style that has been formed since the late 1920s and has widened jazz as popular dance music and mixed black and white elements. It is a transition from traditional (historical) to modern jazz. Charleston danced on ragtime jazz (swing predecessor).

The first mention of Charleston comes from around 1903. Charleston was introduced at the Harlem stage in 1913. Lindy hop (shortly Lindy) is a dance based on the popular charleston and named after the Atlantic crossing of Charles Lindberg in 1927. The dance evolved in Harlem in New York in the late 20s and early 30s of the 20th century and was dancing on jazz and swing music.

Lindy was a mix of many dances with distinctive influence of jazz, step, breakaway and charleston. It is often described as the swing dance. If you want to learn more about the history of swing dances, look at the page: What is Swing?

Swing dancers often dance even more dances:

  • Balboa, Shag or Solo Jazz (we also teach these, yay!)
  • Boogie Woogie and Blues. We do not have regular classes for these dances, but we organize a workshop from time to time.

What about dress and shoes?

Dress up what you want. Lesson is not training, ie. there is no need for sports equipment. You do not have to come in either a tie or a bow tie :). Mainly to be comfortable! (Shirts, T-shirt, Shirts, Leggings, Skirt, ..)

Most suitable shoes are soft cloth sneakers (lots of girls dancing eg in white sneakers from HM for 300Kč). We also recommend to men soft sneakers and / or comfortable shoes. But please SHOES WITH CLEAN SOLE!

Do we have to switch partners in classes?

Yes. Switching partners to dance is something that comes from the essence of swing dance. It’s a social dance. But you can have a private lesson where you do not have to switch partners.

Will the course become less expensive when I know in advance that I will be missing?

If you miss a class, you can reach to teachers for a possible replacement class if they have room. Unfortunately, we do not return the money for the absence.

Can I enroll in an ongoing course?

In the first two weeks of the new wave it is possible – do not hesitate to write to the pilot ( and ask. Capacity is not inflatable, but occasionally someone drops off :).


The price of 1 course per person is 950 CZK.

Courses are divided into two categories (you will find a sign in the schedule and in the registration form):

  1. Basic = Základní (*Z)
  2. Extra (*E)

The more you dance, the less you pay!

Courses within a category can be combined.

  • 1 course for 1 person = 950 CZK
  • 2 courses for 1 person in the same category = 1550 CZK
  • 3 courses for 1 person in the same category = 1900 CZK

* Discounts can not be combined across categories. I.e. for example for 3 courses, 2 basic and 1 extra, you will pay 2500 CZK (1550 + 950). There are no discounts for International category.

Payments info

You can pay for courses in two ways:

  • Cash at reception in the studio during the first week of the course (Franz Kafka špitál, 4. floor)
  • By bank transfer 2600686754/2010 (payment information will be emailed)

Which course should I choose?

I am a beginner

If you’re a beginner, start with Lindy Hop 1, where you’ll learn the basics of swing, the perception of music and how to enjoy the dance floor.

Lindy 1 is behind, what’s next?

As soon as you pass Lindy Hop 1, you can go to Lindy Hop 2.

In our schedule you will find more dances in several levels. Within one level, Linda Hop has several topics. You need to master all the topics at that level before you register to a higher level.

It does not matter in which order you go through individual topics at a given level before you go to the next level.


Other dances than Lindy Hop

In addition to Linda Hop, we also teach other swing dances, such as Charleston, Balboa, Solo or Shag. If you’re behind Lindy 2, do not hesitate to try something new – like Solo or Balboa. Shag and Charleston are a bit faster dancing, so we recommend them only after the Lindy 3 course, which will prepare you for faster dancing.

I want Lindy Hop 5

We have proven ourselves with mini auditions – After you’ve had several Lindy Hop 4 courses and before you sign up for Linda Hop 5, get in touch with one of the lecturers, he’ll dance with you and tell you if Lindy Hop 5 is for you , or it will recommend which course would sit you the most.

It’s better be the best dancer at a lower level than the worst at a higher level. It is not a bad idea to repeat a course, the practice makes a master!

There’s really no reason to hurry. Dancing is not about getting to the top level asap, but also about ejoying the journey! 🙂

From the Edition: Tips of More Experienced