What will happen with our courses and socials from 5th October, in regard to the regulations set by our government? Here are the main points:

  • We’re stopping courses from next week for as long as necessary. They will resume the second half of the course when we can.
  • If we won’t be able to continue the courses before the end of the year, we’ll compensate the classes in the form of online recorded classes.
  • Socials are cancelled during these restrictions.

Any other details and information will be posted on our facebook group and via mail. Don’t let this drag your spirit down and take care of yourselves. We believe we’ll see each other again as soon as possible 🙂

How Lindy Hop courses follow each other

How to navigate Lindy Hop courses: Our Lindy courses are divided into levels. To get through to another level, you need to have attended all topics of the previous level. It doesn’t matter in which order you go through the topics of one level! If you’d like to skip a topic for any reason with to Kuba to and he will tell you what to do.

The list of levels with topics:
  • Lindy 1 (without topics)
  • Lindy 2: Party Moves, Survival Guide
  • Lindy 2,5: Swing Out (only one topic)
  • Lindy 3: Cool Moves & Styling, Musicality, Charleston 1
  • Lindy 4: depends on the teachers and what they find appropriate
  • Lindy 5: sometimes has topics, sometimes not

Lindy 4 is a bit specific. It doesn’t have set topics, because they constantly change and new courses appear. Lindy 4 can thus be a course for longer period – sometimes for more than a year. It all depends on the student and whether they feel they are learning something new and moving forward.

If a student wants to move ahead to Lindy 5, they need to go through an audition. As soon as students feel like they are not moving forward in Lindy 4 and would like to attend Lindy 5 classes, they should ask for an audition (these are held mainly by Kuba and Janča, so it’s best to contact them). They will dance with a student and either they will pass the audition or be recommended what to work on so that Lindy 5 is not too difficult for them.