The next wave (1.11.-9.12.2021​) registration will open 17.10.2021 at 19:00.

Covid section

Participation conditions: negative antigen test (not older than 72 hours) or PCR test (not older than 7 days) OR the vaccination confirmation (at least 2 weeks after the 2nd dose) OR confirmation of going through Covid-19 in the last 180 days.

Please be aware that the participation conditions may change in accordance with government restrictions in the course of the lessons.   

In case the courses are interrupted again, we will return the amount for lessons that won’t be taught. But we all believe that it will not come to that and are keeping our fingers crossed!   

Schedule for the next wave of courses (1.11. – 9.12.2021​)


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Registrace je uzavřena. Pokud máš nějaký dotaz, tak prosím napiš na

Course and theme description

Lindy Hop 1

Introduction to Lindy Hop – As the name already suggests, it is the introduction to the Lindy Hop dance. It is for all who have never danced it before or visited the social a few times and would like to learn what they have seen there. You will learn the basic moves and steps that should be enough for you to enjoy dancing at a social, but it should not be too much for your head to start spinning. Simply put – an ideal slow start! Course with note ENGLISH will be in english.

Lindy Hop 2

Party MovesWould you like to shine at a social with new dance moves? In this course we will elaborate on a material from Lindy Hop 1, will dance it all out, learn new moves and talk a little about techniques important for comfortable and fun dancing.

Survival GuideHow to comfortably ask anyone for a dance, safely dance through a full dance floor even a little bit drunk and survive a birthday jam? These and other practical tips and new moves are awaiting you in this course.

Lindy Hop 2,5

If you have already heard a term swing out and you still do not know what it exactly is, then you will learn it in this course! You will start slowly from the basics and learn how to dance it and what are some basic variations. We recommend repeating this course.

Lindy Hop 3

Musicalityif you want to learn to feel the musci during dancing, aquire some musicality basics and stylize Lindy Hop with authentic solo jazz, then this course is specifically made for you!

Cool moves and StylingThe content of this course is simple – more dancing, more technique, more tips to look great while dancing!

Charleston 1Next swing dance to a faster tempo. Nothing difficult!

Lindy Hop 4

Balboa Beginners – Balboa is another swing dance that was danced in Los Angeles. It is danced to faster tempos and in closer position, nonetheless it is a soft and comfortable dance. The beginners’ course is for every one who has had Lindy Hop 2 and wants to try something new. We will go through the basics of Balboa and will show you how to feel comfortable and get you excited about the dance.

Balboa Intermediate – This course will be a big post covid review. We’ll be review all fundamental figures and enrich them with new variations. Suitable for everyone who is familiar with lilies, swivels or toss-outs.


Beginners – Let’s have a look at what to do when Blues starts playing while on a dance floor. Blues is a varied music, so is the dance, so expect variety in this course.


Collegiate Shag

Collegiate Shag 1 This course is an intro to Collegiate Shag which is danced to fast music and is definitely not relaxing. You will learn basic rhythms and moves and everything you need to dance it at a social.

Collegiate Shag 2 – After more than a year without regular lessons we will revice our beloved slow-slow quick-quick and find out how many BPMs will our covid kilos can handle and how many figures have survived the enforced pause. Then we will adjust the rest of the course accordingly. Meant for those who are familiar with some basics.

Authentic movement

Let’s get to know ourselves better through dance and movement and let’s put this awareness back into our dance. Let’s leave the figures and techniques behind and find out what movement is ours and work with fear whether our dance is good enough. In this course you’ll have movement exercises of all kind, led dance and static meditations, and contact improvisations. 

The course is suitable for all levels, including non-dancers.

We recommend wearing comfy clothes that won’t restrict your movements with taking into consideration that sometimes we will be in close contact with the floor. 

Open trainings

Rooms free and prepared only for your training. So have music, your partner and comedance. We kindly ask for a contribution of 50 czk per person/training.

Training schedule is not suitable for you? Write to and we’ll try to arrange a different time for you 🙂

How Lindy Hop courses follow each other

How to navigate Lindy Hop courses: Our Lindy courses are divided into levels. To get through to another level, you need to have attended all topics of the previous level. It doesn’t matter in which order you go through the topics of one level! If you’d like to skip a topic for any reason with to Kuba to and he will tell you what to do.

The list of levels with topics:
  • Lindy 1 (without topics)
  • Lindy 2: Party Moves, Survival Guide
  • Lindy 2,5: Swing Out (only one topic)
  • Lindy 3: Cool Moves & Styling, Musicality, Charleston 1
  • Lindy 4: depends on the teachers and what they find appropriate
  • Lindy 5: sometimes has topics, sometimes not

Lindy 4 is a bit specific. It doesn’t have set topics, because they constantly change and new courses appear. Lindy 4 can thus be a course for longer period – sometimes for more than a year. It all depends on the student and whether they feel they are learning something new and moving forward.

If a student wants to move ahead to Lindy 5, they need to go through an audition. As soon as students feel like they are not moving forward in Lindy 4 and would like to attend Lindy 5 classes, they should ask for an audition (these are held mainly by Kuba and Janča, so it’s best to contact them). They will dance with a student and either they will pass the audition or be recommended what to work on so that Lindy 5 is not too difficult for them.

Registration to the next wave of courses (13.9. – 21.10.2021​)


Registrace je uzavřena. Pokud máš nějaký dotaz, tak prosím napiš na
Registrace je uzavřena. Pokud máš nějaký dotaz, tak prosím napiš na