Tereza ‘Tess’ Nečas Lempartová

The first dance steps led to ballet at a young age, later she started to devote herself to Street Dance, especially Hip Hop, House Dance, Waackin’, Contemporary, Dancehall and other African-American dance styles.

She was studying in NYC, London, Paris, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Italy. She taught classes in London Studio 68, Dublin, Budapest, Slovakia and throughout the Czech Republic.
Tess is the choreographer of Czech masters in Street Dance Show, Hip Hop Choreography and Street Dance Choreography.
Choreographer of the Dance Group of the Year 2009 (Beat Up Crew).
With Art Factory, the winners of the DFA (Dance Floor Attack) of the biggest crew battle in the Czech Republic.
Member of house dance project SpiritShop Crew. @spiritshop_crew

Winner of battles not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and Hungary, finalist in Latvia and London, semi-finalist at the prestigious Cercle Underground battle in Paris.

She is the founder of the successful ART FACTORY dance studio in Brno since 2014, where she currently works.