Information about processing your personal data

This document aims to inform you about the extent of processing your personal data and your rights.


All personal data are processed by:

Swing Wings, z.s., residing at Vlkoš 257, Vlkoš 696 41, IČ: 03494217, registered at a public registry kept at the County Court in Brno, section L, number 20106 

Swing & Hop Festivals, z.s., residing at Luční 3621/9, 695 01 Hodonín, IČ: 05571693, registered at a public registry kept at the County Court in Brno, section L, number 22242 (any further reference as Controller). 

Extent and Purpose of Data Processing

Courses/ Festival

When registering for courses / festivals, data such as your name, surname, email address, information about your dancing role, and registered courses / required festival package are being processed. The purpose of data processing is meeting the contract which becomes valid at the moment of registration that is to guarantee the teaching of the course, make sure there is an equal number of follows and leads and check the payment of courses or events. These data are preserved for five years from the last course registered.


In case you take part in festival preparations or studio running as a volunteer, your phone number and the extent of your work can be processed as well, including the aforementioned data. The purpose of data processing is our interest in securing smooth running of a particular activity. Phone number is preserved for, at the most, one year after the termination of cooperation. Other data is preserved for five years. 

Photos / Video

At the socials and other events organized by the controller, the official photographers can be present whose captured moments can be shared on social media or other websites owned by the controller. The basis for the processing is legitimate interest of the controller to ensure documentation and other publicity. 

In case you do not agree with being captured in the picture, or demand taking down of one of the published photos use the below mentioned contact information to raise a complaint against data processing. 

Processor and third parties

The controller can use the processor in some well-founded cases under the conditions that the processor has agreed to the same level of data protection. The personal data processing are carried out by these processors: Google, LLC  

Your personal data is not disclosed to third parties, except for the cases when it is required legislatively. 

Your rights

Right to Access – you have a right to ask the controller for the information if they are processing your personal data, or which of your personal data is being processed and how they were obtained. You also have a right to receive a copy of these data.

Right to correction – In case of a suspicion that the processed data is not correct, you have a right to ask for correction or addition of data. 

Right to erasure – you have a right for your personal data to be erased if they are processed illegally or on the basis of agreement and when the purpose (contractual or legal) of data processing has expired. 

Right to data processing restrictions – The controller is obliged to limit the processing of personal data if personal data are inaccurate, processing is illegal and you refuse to erasure, in the case of you raising a complaint to processing or if the controller no longer needs personal data but you require them to identify, execute or defend legal claims.

Right to transfer – you have a right to ask the controller to hand out your personal data in a structured and legible format and a right to transfer the data to another controller in case the processing is done automated-ly and is based on the agreement or the contract.  

Right to raise a complaint – you have a right to raise a complaint against personal data processing in case it has been processed for direct marketing or in case of the processor’s justifiable interest. In that case the controller is required to verify whether their interests are more important than personal data protection.  

Right to raise a complaint at supervisory authority – if you think that your personal data is being processed in contradiction with a valid legislation, you have a right to complain at supervisory authority, which in the Czech republic is represented by The Office for GDPR (address: Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7, phone number: +420 234 665 111, e-mail:

Right to ask the controller for the explanation and removal of the arisen problem – in case of a suspicion that your personal data processing is in contradiction with the protection of your personal and private life or in contradiction with the law, you have the right to as the controller for explanation and removal of arisen problem. 

Contact information of the controller: