Little Balboa Weekend 2018


“A little event with the big heart”

5.10. – 7.10. 2018

A weekend of lessons with international teachers, 3 socials with live music!

 Plenty of homemade delicacies, small brewery beer tasting, unique atmosphere and a lot of new inspiration!




For a balance of levels in the lessons and more comfort for everyone, there will be auditions for Intermediate and Advanced levels on Saturday before the classes start. Attendance is compulsory! Do not worry: it will be quick and fun! Do not forget to come on time.

ATTENTION! Masters level is invitational. What does it mean? If you want to attend classes of the highest level 1) register the Masters level 2) send us a video of you dancing within 14 days of registration 3) wait for the result! ?




The competition will take place on Saturday evening and you will be dancing to live music! Registration is not necessary – coming to the dance floor with your partner on time and throwing yourselves into the dance swirl is enough! Whose feet will be fastest this year?


During parties we will be accepting only cash for all drinks, food or clothes. All prices will be in Czech currency. Do not forget to withdraw or change.



Unfortunately there is not much opportunity to buy something quickly to eat between the classes. So therefore we will prepare for you our traditional great homemade lunch with a chill out in the studio. All-you-can-eat table full of homemade delicacies yammies (including vegetarian or gluten-free meals), salads, soups, hot and cold meals! All of this just for 120 CZK / 5 EUR.




  •         All lessons will be in English
  •         We have three levels this year!

Intermediate –if you know all basic balboa moves (come around, toss-out, lollies, out-and-in etc.) and you feel comfortable in them, you like balboa so you go to socials sometimes and you are looking forward to continuing.

Adnvanced – you are an advanced balboa dancer who has been dancing for quite some time, sometimes has trainings and does not leave out bal-socials. Both fast and slow tempos are a piece of cake for you and you dance pure-bal as well as bal-swing; in short, you take to the dance floor like a duck to water.


Masters (Invitational) –you are a local teacher or you are going to start teaching soon. Balboa is in your blood and you do not miss any opportunity to go to a bal-social or bal-training. You like improvising, are not afraid of faster tempos, go to festivals, like competing or are preparing a performance. To make it short, you want to work on your moves and are not afraid of a challenge.

  •       Masters need to send a video of themselves dancing within 14 days of registration (long distance auditions), Advanced and Intermediate levels will be divided into groups based on auditions, which will take place on Saturday morning before the lessons.

Every level will have 6 hours of lessons (four 80-minute-lessons) and 2 tasters!






Friday– at Moravian Gallery (near the horse!). Tender and breathtaking Django Jet will get you into the right mood. Balboa taster, beer tasting, homemade delicacies and two rooms for dancing with one chill-out room are waiting for you!

Saturday–A social inLužánky, in the heart of Brno. You can be looking forward to a taster lesson and the epic Brno band Heart of Dixie Deluxe! There will be some dance surprises, teachers´ presentation, Fast Feet competition and a lot of fun throughout the evening.

After the lessons and before the party, there will be now traditional dancing in the city centre or our renowned Balboa Beer Tour!

Sunday– party in Café Atlas! Look forward to live music from All Stars Swing Band under the lead of Janek Čarek and a beautiful end to the festival.

All the venues’ address you could find right on the attached map.





This year we are very lucky – you can really look forward to them!

Charming and elegant, funny and merry, friendly and nice, inspiring and brillinat!

GAŠPER & ANNI (Slovenia/Sweden)




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* If cancellation tickets is before 1.9 we will refund 50% of the price. Cancellation after 1.9 cancellations is not possible.
Package Cost includes Price per person
FULL PASS 4x 80 min balboa lessons, 3 x party, 2x taster lesson, dancing in the city centre with Balboa Beer Tour and a Friday afterparty! 2500 CZK (100 EUR) 
PARTY PASS 3x party, 3 bands, 2x taster lesson 600 CZK (25 EUR)
Saturday Beer Tour, saturday party with Heart of Dixie, sunday talk with Gašper and sunday afterparty 450 CZK (18 EUR)
Saturday Party Party in Lužánky, live music in the rendition of Heart of Dixie, dance surprise, teachers´ presentation, Fast Feet competitions 250 CZK (10 EUR)