Swing Wings

During the summer of 2013 a group of crazy people officially joined in their enthusiasm for swing dances. At that time especially Lindy Hop, and founded a dance school in Brno, right under the Petrov cathedral with the name Swing Wings.

At the beginning, there were five of us – Tomáš, Polina, Pavlína, Jakub and Peter, who supported us, at that time, remotely from Bratislava. We have brought dancing experiences from different corners of the world, and for some time we have wished to pass on them, to build a similar dance scene in the Czech Republic as we have seen and experienced abroad.

Nowadays, Swing Wings has a community of around two hundred active students, and around five hundred dancers, who meet regularly not only at the dance floor, but more and more often also outside the dance floor for various activities.

Our teachers are building their reputation on European dance scene. They are gradually gathering the success at the festivals, but also from the championships on European level.

We organize classes, social parties and dance events dedicated to 30s and 40s such as Lindy Hop, ,Charleston Balboa, Shag and Solo/Autentic Jazz. Although the competition is not the main thing in swing dancing, we are happy about our successes at international festivals from Sweden to Spain – the achievements of both the teachers and our students! We also gather teacher experiences in foreign workshops and pass them on to our students in a playful form.

So far, we have received an invitation to teach in Austria, Poland, England, Hungary, France, Spain (yay, also Mallorca!), Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, Sicily, Finland, and most recently, Israel!

Besides that, we have already organized several international festivals in Brno, which are pretty successful. There are regularly more than one hundred foreigners from six or more countries. Our adventure doesn’t end here, in fact, it just starts!