Stadtl Shuffle [štatl šafl]

27.5. – 29.5. 2022

A rather local weekend full of balboa, live music and inspirational classes.

*** Pro češtinu klikni SEM ***


You’ll enjoy three nights of parties – on Friday and Saturday with a live band, on Sunday with vinyl DJs.

As usual, the bands will be tailor made to our taste. We’ve commissioned two of our favourite bandleaders with the job! Michal Cálik (bandleader of the Dudes of Ellington) will be responsible for the band on Friday. We entrusted Janek Čarek (bandleader of Heart of Dixie) with the big night on Saturday. They will be accompanied on the stage by some of the best swinging jazzmen in the area – and we’ve also been promised such gems as a clarinet and a vibraphone combo.

Oh, what a pleasure shuffling to that music will be!

More information and venues to be announced soon.


We found that inspiration can be often found nearby. We thus decided to invite two couples of experienced local teachers, full of inspiration and passion for balboa.

Couple classes will be taught by


Solo classes will be led by


Míša a Štěpán

Pavli a Maťo



  • You can choose from the offer of couple and solo classes. The schedule allows for any combination of those classes.
  • Couple classes will be taught by Míša with Štěpán and Pavli with Martin. Participants will be divided into two parallel groups, both of which will enjoy 4×90 mins of classes divided into two days.
  • Solo classes can be chosen as an accessory to a full pass or a party pass. There will be 1×90 mins with Štěpán (from the position of lead) and 1×90 mins with Pavli (from the position of follow). Both of the classes will be suitable for anyone regardless of their primary dancing role (see more info below). You can choose one or both of them. Each solo class will take place on a different day.
  • All classes will take place in Studio Kafka, Koliště 43, Brno.

Couple classes:

  •  Intermediate –you have some experience with balboa (2-3 waves of classes at least), but you feel that there’s still a long way ahead of you.
  • Advanced – you’ve danced balboa for quite some time now, you’re comfortable with various tempos in both bal-swing and pure-bal.

Everyone will have to take part in auditions on Saturday so that we can divide the groups depending on the skillset of participants. Still, we kindly ask you to register with your actual level, so that we can ensure balance between the dance levels of leaders and followers in each group.

Solo classes:

For solo classes, you can choose between two separate ones – one with Štěpán, another one with Pavli. Those classes are not a part of a full pass, you’re thus free to choose none, one or both of them.

Level of the solo classes is universal.

Each teacher will base the material on their primary role (Štěpán as a lead, Pavli as a follow). Despite that, both classes will be suitable for anyone regardless of their dancing role!

The basis on a specific role will only show in the basic footwork (leads start from the left, follows from the right) or the typical position in basic steps or figures. As we’ll be dancing alone,  there is no need to know the techniques of the “opposite” role to enjoy both solo classes.


* For couple classes, we recommend registration with a partner. Those who will register alone will have to wait for a match with a participant of the opposite role. You may use our facebook group Hledám tanečního partnera/partnerku – SWING WINGS or facebook event to search for a partner.

** Cancellation policy:  Unfortunately, we’re not able to refund your pass. If you’re unable to participate, please try offering your spot in the facebook event or local facebook groups. In the case of a change of participant, please let us know at You can check whether the seller actually owns their pass on the same adress.

PASS VARIANT Pass includes Price per person
FULL PASS 4x 90 min.  couple balboa class + entry to all three evening parties. Can be combined with one or two solo classes. 2500 CZK 
PARTY PASS 3x party (two with a band, one with vinyl DJS). Can be combined with one or two solo classes. 800 CZK
+ SOLO with PAVLI 1x 90 min. class with Pavli. Will be based on follower footworks and positions, but is absolutely suitable for dancers of all dancing roles! Can be combined with a full pass or a party pass. 400 CZK
+ SOLO with ŠTĚPÁNEM 1x 90 min. class with Štěpán. Will be based on leader footworks and positions, but is absolutely suitable for dancers of all dancing roles! Can be combined with a full pass or a party pass. 400 CZK
SUNDAY PARTY Our traditional Sunday social in café JAGA, this time in fast tempos with vinyl DJs. Already a part of a full pass and a party pass, but open to others with entry fee on the spot. 100 CZK



For better comfort and level field in the classes, there will be auditions before the first couple class on Saturday.  Auditions are obligatory for all participants of those classes. 


During most of the parties, we’ll accept only cash (CZK) for drinks or food. Please don’t forget to exchange or withdraw some. 

A phone number in case you get lost or encounter difficulties during the event:

+420 731 745 909 (Míša)



Registrace je uzavřena. / Registrations are closed.

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