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THE SLOW DOWN! 12.-14.6.2020

Second edition of international slow swing & blues festival in Brno!

  • 3 nights full of blues music
  • BBQ party in  Otevřená zahrada
  • solo and couple classes with international teachers
  • solo track
  • activities for those without classes


What is blues exactly? We’ll hardly answer that – what we can do is offer you the chance to discover some of its shades! During the whole weekend, we’ll be discovering two of the wide range of varieties – ballrooming and juke joint blues in the way that we and our guests see them.


Wide variety of Blues music
Blues music and its diversity (in sub-genres and tempo) is what we love! The fact that one can dance to such music makes it even cooler. We believe that by exploring the different styles and tempos of blues, one can develop universal dancing tools and become a better dancer in general.

Lindy Hopper friendly
We feel we are very close communities. We want to show the beauty of blues music and dance to our fellow Lindy Hoppers. We kept that in mind while developping the concept of the whole festival. We strive to make all of the dancers feel comfortable, encourage them to dance freely and use the qualities they learned in swing dancing.

“The dance is only one!”
Our friend, a very talented drummer – Kristian Kuruc has a philosophy: “The music is only one!”. We cannot agree more and we believe the same applies to dance. If you listen to music, if you let yourself be moved by the music, there is no wrong step nor move. We tend to put things in boxes to help us understand them, but sometimes we forget that in a real world there are no boxes. Let’s put them aside for a while together!

Historical and social context
Blues music is able not only to move your body, but can even touch and move your soul. To support that, we believe one should try to understand the context and the history of the music and culture around it. It might even make you think about your own values and it definitely makes you a better blues dancer. We want to support this, therefore we encourage our teachers to provide the context during classes and if it fits the schedule, we organize talks on blues music and dance


  • All classes will be taught in English.
  • There will be two groups for couple track and one group for solo. There will be auditions for couple groups on Saturday at 11:00. Those who will not attend auditions might be asked to take classes in lower level. Solo track does not have auditions.
  • Recommended level is at least half year of dancing (swing, blues, tango etc.) and at least few blues taster classes, if blues is not your primary dance.
  • Every group in couple track consist from three couple and two solo classes.
  • Solo track has five classes.
  • Our teachers are: Gas Fernández & Alba Mengual from Madrid a Sep Vermeersch from Ghent.


We will play mostly shuffles. We won’t go super slow early in the night so that lindy hoppers not so familiar to blues can catch up. Shuffle usually sounds familiar to lindy dancers who are then able to dance to it without previous blues experience. But later in the night we will slow down the tempo for sure! Party will take place at ArtBar Druhý Pád. Example playlist

Ballroomin night! Suit up and come have a dance. The Dudes of Ellington will play their finest jazz blues tunes, most of which were arranged specially for our festival! Party will take place at Dělnický dům. Example playlist

Juke joint party! Lets finish our festival in bar with a proper juke joint party full of raw blues music with a bit of funky feel later in the night. Hoochie Coochie Band, who made the party explode last year, will play for us again! Party will take place at Music Lab. Example playlist










Registration will be opened on 16.2.2020 at 19:30.

Couple Track

2800 Kč
Cena / Price: 2800 Kč (115 EUR)
3x 60 min párové lekce/couple classes
2x 60 min solo lekce/solo classes
3x party
1x BBQ party
1x taster lekce/taster class

Solo Track

2800 Kč
Cena / Price: 2800 Kč (115 EUR)
5x 60 min solo lekce/solo classes
3x party
1x BBQ party
1x taster lekce/taster class

Party Pass

900 Kč
Cena / Price: 900 Kč (39 EUR)
3x party
1x BBQ party
1x taster lekce/taster class
Final price
There are not many restaurants near our studio so you can bring your own lunch. Or you can join our already famous Saturday lunch in studio. For 150,- CZK/6,- EUR paid on the spot in cash you can choose from many delicious meals prepared by our Swing Wings masterchefs. We serve vegetarian or gluten free meals as well. Would you like to join our lunch?   //////   V okolí studia SwS, kde se konají lekce, není mnoho restaurací. Můžeš si donést vlastní jídlo nebo se můžeš připojit ke společnému obědu přímo ve studiu. Oběd pro nás připraví naši SwS masterchefs, kteří myslí i na vegetariány či celiaky, a bude formou švédského stolu. Cena oběda je 150,- Kč/6,- EUR a hradí se hotově u registrace na místě. Chceš se přidat na náš sobotní oběd?
Final price
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Dancing as?
Do you have partner?

Contact: slowdown@swingwings.cz


Package Price includes Price per person
COUPLE TRACK Fullpass: 3x 60 min clouple lesson, 2x 60 min solo lesson, 3x party, BBQ party, 1x taster lesson 2800 CZK (115 EUR) 
SOLO TRACK Fullpass: 5x 60 min lesson, 3x party, BBQ party, 1x taster lesson 2800 CZK (115 EUR)
PARTY PASS 3x party, BBQ party, 1x taster lesson 900 CZK (39 EUR)
PS: It is better to register with partner. You can try to use our Facebook page for searching a partner fb skupinu Swing Wings / Hledám partnera /partnerku.