Online Courses

Our courses cannot be organized in a usual manner yet, so we are continuing with online courses.

How will the online courses work

  • Next courses will happen from 15.2. till 11.3. – making it a four week long mini wave.
  • One course costs 550CZK.
  • Registration is open at the bottom of this website.
  • If you cannot attend a lesson, do not despair – lessons will be recorded, so each student will be sent the whole recording with a recap
  • The link for your course will be sent by email on the first day of the course and it will be the same for all four lessons
  • Is it possible to register for the ongoing course of online lessons?
    Yes, it is possible. We will send you the recordings of previous lessons/
    Contact Ili on ->

Current wave schedule  (15.2. – 11.3.)

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Course description

EN - Collegiate shag - solo choreos with guests / February - March wave / Tuesday 19:00 - 20:00

This is something unique in Brno shag history. We are going to connect the shag communities in these difficult times. Every week, there will be a new teacher with new shag routine.
It is enough to know the basic step to attend. For more advanced dancers, there will be ways to spice things up!


Swing dance geeking out with Pavli / February - March wave/ Monday 20:30 - 21:30

Another course about the dance but without dancing with Pavli. This unusual Zoom course is dedicated to talking about topics which cannot be covered in normal classes due to time restrictions. You can have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, sit in your comfortable armchair, put your feet up and enjoy a discussion, video analyses, collected information, experiences and thoughts of one of our most experienced teachers. The course will be for all dance geeks who have heard about swing. Information might be a bit advanced but dancers of all levels can get inspired.

In the next wave you can look forward to these 4 topics:
What is swing?
5 elements of musicality
What can we as dancers learn from music geniuses
A little bit of geeking out about rhythms and rhythmic games


February – March mini wave COURSE REGISTRATION (15.2. – 11.3.)

Registrace je uzavřena. Pokud máš nějaký dotaz, tak prosím napiš na
Registrace je uzavřena. Pokud máš nějaký dotaz, tak prosím napiš na