Little Balboa Day


Due to newest restriction of Czech republic goverment we are forced to cancel Little Balboa Day. We will return money to all contestants who already paid for tickets.
Thank you for understanding and we will see you all in better circumstances 

*** Pro češtinu klikněte ZDE! ***





  • All classes will be in English
  • This year again we will open 2 levels for you – intermediate and advanced
  • Each level will have 2 hours of classes

Intermediate/Advanced – if you are not just attending classes but actively dancing and enjoying parties, you feel comfortable at different tempos, do not hesitate in basic figures and experiment with them, you try both Bal-Swing and Pure-Bal and would like to learn new elements, techniques, and dance flow – That’s the level for you! 

Advanced – this level is for you if you dance balboa for already some time, you attend international workshops and do not miss balboa parties. You are confident in balboa basics at all tempos (Toss-outs, Out & Ins, Lollies, Drags, Crab Walk, etc.), enjoy Pure-Bal and footwork, and during the dance, you play with a musicality, flow, and styling. We will discover new balboa material, techniques, and styling at the advanced classes.




Who can you look forward to?
Amazing Bogna and Piotr from Warszaw!

Bogna’s swing dancing life started in 2013,  in Gdańsk, Poland. After moving to Warsaw, she joined a swing dance school ShimSham, where she continues to teach Lindy Hop and Balboa, takes care of marketing and organizes Retro Weekend Festival and VarCity Bal. 

Piotr has always danced when he heard music, sometimes only inside, sometimes in front of the mirror. In 2013 he first saw the Lindy Hop, and decided that this music and dance suits him best.

They joined forces in 2015 and since then develop their dancing both together and independently teaching regular classes in Warsaw as well as weekend workshops around Poland and abroad. Apart from the elegant Balboa and energetic Lindy Hop they also teach Solo Jazz, and used to teach Collegiate Shag






Registration open on 1.9.2020 at 19:00



* We recommend you to register in couples. Those who sign up without a partner will get on a waiting list until some other “solo” dancer will set you free.

** Cancellation Policy: Due to the great interest in the festival canceling tickets is not possible. However, if your plans change, you can always offer your place on LBW to people who are not so lucky as you are. Put your ad on the fb event or send us email at and we will connect you with the people from the waiting list.

*** COVID 19: Situation around the disease is changing from one day to another. If we are forced to cancel the event due to restrictions of the Czech government, we will be ready to refund all tickets.


Choose your balboa package!
Package Cost includes Price per person
PARTY party at cafe Atlas with live music 100 CZK (5 EUR)
CLASSES 2×60 min Balboa classes 500 czk (20 EUR)