Jazzberry Hop 2021



16.4. – 18.4. 2021


You are already comfortable with your basics, you have a library of your favourite moves and you are always ready to rock the dance floor. You feel it’s time to work on something deeper in your dancing. To explore your dance style and personality and whatever story you have to tell on the dance floor.

If you are at this stage of your dancing, this weekend is for you! Solo jazz and lindy hop workshop led by international teachers with inspiring stories. Event with cozy athmosphere, plenty of live music, delicious food,… All organized by our superheroic team of volunteers.



*** pro češtinu klikni tady! ***


  • All the lessons will be taught in English
  • Lindy Hop workshop is for levels Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced. (If you are currently taking Swing Wings lessons for Lindy 5, Lindy 4 and if you will have taken at least 2 Lindy Hop 3 courses by April). You will be divided into two groups based on auditions that will take place on the first day in the studio.
  • For beginners and pre-intermediate dancers (Lindy 2 and if you have taken the 2,5 course), we recommend the Newbies classes!
  • For the highest level we have Master Classes (Lindy Focus and higher). Beware, this level is INVITATIONAL! You can register, but your registration must first be approved. Write us your experiences in the registration form or send a video and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • We are also opening Solo Jazz track for all dancers from level intermediate / advanced


Friday – opening party in Dělnický dům  with Hot Brew band. Solo jazz classes with Helena Kanini Kiiru and Mix & Match prelims.

Saturday – main party in Lužánky with Appendixie band. Taster class and Mix & Match final.

Sunday – closing party in Bunker 10-Z with Brno musicians jam under the leadership of Michal Cálik.


We bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas from international teachers to Brno. We choose talents who radiate inspiration, friendly spirit and positive energy.

Helena Kanini Niiru (Croatia)

Jill De Muelenaere (Belgium) & Alex McCormack (Belgium)

Anna Rio (France) & Jonatan Hedberg (Sweden)



Contact: jazzberry@swingwings.cz



* We recommend you to register in couples. Those who sign up without a partner will get on a waiting list until some other “solo” dancer will set you free. You can try to find partner via FB group Swing Wings / Hledám partnera /partnerku or check FB event.

** Cancellation Policy: Canceling tickets is not possible. However, if your plans change, you can always offer your place to people who are not so lucky as you are. Put your ad on the fb event or send us email at jazzberry@swingwings.cz and we will connect you with the people from the waiting list.


Package Price includes Price per person
FULL PASS Solo Track, Int./Adv. and Adv. 4x 80 min classes, Masters 3x 80. min. classes, 2 x party, 2x taster class 2700 CZK (110 EUR) 
PARTY PASS 3x party, 3 bands, 2x taster class 900 CZK (39 EUR)
NEWBIES PASS 2x 80 min. classes 800 CZK (35 EUR)
Friday Party Opening party in Dělnický dům! Solo jazz class with Helena, Hot Brew band, Mix & Match prelims,… 350 CZK (15 EUR)
Saturday Party Main party in Lužánky, swing band Appendixie, Mix & Match final,… 350 CZK (15 EUR)