Jazzberry Hop 2021

Dear friends,

we hope you are safe and healthy together with your families and closest ones. We have some updates about The Jazzberry Hop for you. It is really difficult for us to plan the next steps, because the future is still very uncertain. We will try to organize the festival as soon as possible, but we are not sure when that will happen, what size and form it will have, whether all teachers or all of you will be able to arrive without any restrictions.

From the previous reasons we consider it unfair to keep your money any longer and we will refund most of it back. As we stated in the previous email the virus caught us up in a late state of preparations, so we can return 85 percent of your payment.

An overview of return amounts:
2300 Kč / 94 EUR full pass
770 Kč / 34 EUR party pass
600 Kč / 27 EUR party pass without sunday
300 Kč / 13 EUR friday + saturday party
680 Kč / 30 EUR newbies pass

We are extremely grateful for your trust by choosing to wait till the next edition of the festival. You helped us survive financially and it also supported us mentally after all the effort we already put into the organization. Thank you from the bottom of our heart! ❤

Thank you again for your support and patience! Stay healthy and positive in mind.

Swing Wings