Little Balboa Weekend 2019

“A little event with the big heart”

25.10. – 27.10. 2019

3 days and nights full of balboa, 4 parties with live music, 5 bands during one weekend,
6 hours of classes with international teachers, lots of friends and endless joy!
Delicious homemade treats, friendly coffee-sessions and talks, unique family atmosphere and plenty of inspiration!


*** Pro češtinu klikněte ZDE! ***





For more comfort and level balance, there will be auditions for Advanced level before the first class on Saturday. The auditions are compulsory for all the Advanced dancers.

Intermediate-Advanced dancers can also participate in auditions if they want to try themselves a level up: if you are unsure of the level or want a little challenge – try auditions! Don’t forget to check the auditions’ box in the registration form, so we know we should count on you. It will be quick, and it will be fun. And don’t forget to come on time.

Teachers & Ninjas level requires motivational commentary – what is your experience with balboa, why do you want to participate in these classes and what are your expectations.



Unfortunately, there is no possibility of buying anything to eat close to the studio at weekends. But we have a wonderful solution for you! As always, we will prepare for you a special lunch with a chill out in the studio. A buffet, full of homemade delicacies (including vegetarian and gluten-free), salads, soups, hot and cold dishes! All this for just 150 CZK / 7 EUR. Don’t forget to check in your lunch in the registrations.


The competition will take place on Saturday night with a live band. There is no need to register – just come to the dance floor with your partner in time and plunge into the dance! Whose feet will be the fastest this year?



During all parties, we will only accept cash in Czech Crowns for drinking, food or clothing. Remember to change or withdraw the cash.




We spend a lot of time together in classes, we enjoy dancing together at the parties, but do we know each other? Do we know the name of others, where are they from and why they enjoy dancing Balboa? How do they think about dancing, life, and everything? How can they inspire us and we can inspire them? Coffee-session will be a half-moderated chat with topics such as balboa, dance communities in different cities and countries, etc. We will have fun, great coffee, and new friends. All participients during the Coffee-session will get coffee for free.

Coffee-session will be organized for each level according to schedule. Dancers with Party Passes can freely join any session as well.



  • All class will be in English
  • This year again we will open 3 levels for you
  • Each level will have 6 hours of classes (4 x 80 min), 2 tasters and coffee-sessions with talks and discussions.

Teachers&Ninjas – if you apply for this level, you are a local teacher, or you are about to start teaching early, or you are a very advanced dancer who is not afraid of going back to basics, explore the very essence of Balboa, different techniques, thinking about small but substantial differences of balboa dancing, not rejecting big dance challenges. You like to improvise, to attend festivals, compete and perform. At the classes of this level, lecturers will open their tutoring and dance know-how for other lecturers, share their views on balboa from basic figures to super trooper ninja variations. Attention: all the classes will be dancing classes (neither will be just a talk).

If you want to register for this level, you need to write a motivational comment in the registration form – what is your experience with balboa, why do you want to attend these classes and what are your expectations (the more detailed, the better). You will receive a confirmation of your participation in the festival within a week after submitting your application.

Intermediate/Advanced – if you are not just attending classes but actively dancing and enjoying parties, you feel comfortable at different tempos, do not hesitate in basic figures and experiment with them, you try both Bal-Swing and Pure-Bal and would like to learn new elements, techniques, and dance flow – That’s the level for you! 

Advanced – this level is for you if you dance balboa for already some time, you attend international workshops and do not miss balboa parties. You are confident in balboa basics at all tempos (Toss-outs, Out & Ins, Lollies, Drags, Crab Walk, etc.), enjoy Pure-Bal and footwork, and during the dance, you play with a musicality, flow, and styling. We will discover new balboa material, techniques, and styling at the advanced classes.





Our new venue Kinokavárna will welcome us this year!  Meeting with friends, balboa taster “Liberate your Pure Bal” with Bogna and Piotr (Poland), teachers’ presentation and of course great battle of two unbelievable bands Swingalia VS Swingkotaca. It will be an incredible musical experience that will also support our Brno DJs! And after that we will head to the our legendary Speakeasy afterparty in Music Lab! Don’t miss a joint departure, it will be adventurous from the beginning to the end!

Five o’clock tea, or balcing (balboa dancing) and chill-out with Django Jet.
After the classes and before the evening party, we have an afternoon chill-out. While we cannot guarantee warm weather in October, we can guarantee a warm atmosphere! This year, instead of a traditional walk through Brno, we will have a pleasant relaxing (listening and dancing!) afternoon with Django Jet in Skleněná louka. It’s scheduled after all the classes so it will be an ideal opportunity to meet people with Party pass and enjoy a moment.

In the evening, a party in Lužánky awaits us in the very heart of Brno. You can look forward to a taster class “Homemade Bal Swing combo” with Céline and Edgar (France), Fast Feet contest, lecturer’s performances and of course the epic and unique Brno band Heart of Dixie!


Traditional farewell party at Café Atlas with live music from All Stars Balboa Band led by Janek Čarek. Relax and enjoy the Sunday evening you want to experience!


All addresses of the venues for the classes and parties can be found lower in the map.


This year we are very lucky – who can you look forward to?
Charming and elegant, cheerful and witty, friendly and kind, inspiring and amazing!

MARTYNAS (Vilnius) & ABETH (Lisbon)

NEJC (Ljubljana) & FANCY (Paris)




Do not forget to come to the party on time – we have some special international taster teachers this year, don’t miss a new inspiration!

Friday: PIOTR & BOGNA (Poland) “Liberate your Pure Bal”

Saturday: EDGAR & CÉLINE (France) “Homemade Bal Swing combo”



In case of any problem during the festival you can call +420776497651 (Polina )




Contact :


* We recommend you to register in couples. Those who sign up without a partner will get on a waiting list until some other “solo” dancer will set you free.

** Cancellation Policy: Due to the great interest in the festival canceling tickets is not possible. However, if your plans change, you can always offer your place on LBW to people who are nit so lucky as you are. Put your ad on the fb event or send us email at and we will connect you with the people from the waiting list.


Choose your balboa package!
Package Cost includes Price per person
FULL PASS 4x 80 min balboa classes + 2 balboa tasters and coffee-sessions at the Swing Wings studio! 3x party with live music, afternoon chill-out Five o’clock Tea with Django Jet. Five live bands in one weekend! 2800 CZK (110 EUR) 
PARTY PASS 3x party with live music, afternoon chill-out Five o’clock Tea with Django Jet.
+ 2 balboa tasters and coffee-sessions at the Swing Wings studio! Five live bands in one weekend!
850 CZK (35 EUR)
WEEKEND PASS Saturday and Sunday parties with the life bands,afternoon chill-out Five o’clock Tea with Django Jet. + 1 balboa taster and coffee-sessions at the Swing Wings studio! 600 czk (25 EUR)
The main party in Lužánky with the one and only Heart of Dixie! Also don’t miss a Fast Feet contest a Teachers performance. And as usual there will be our Drink bar and Yummy bar with delicious homemade treats from Swing Wings confectioners!
300 CZK (12 EUR)
Traditional farewell party at the Café Atlas with live music from All Stars Swing Band led by Janek Čarek.
You can buy a ticket on the spot.
100 CZK (4 EUR)