Jump for Joy



Kinokavárna, Nám SNP 33, Brno


An evening with and for Swing Wings community filled with competitions and performances, dancing and blowing off a lot of steam – and we’ll do all of it to dance and give it everything we’ve got, but also to support everyone brave enough to go to the spotlights!

You can find the registration at the bottom of this page!

*** Česká stránka zde! ***


– Three dance sets from AppenDixie
– Two competition categories
– Even our teachers will have to (definitely voluntarily) perform!
– Awesome people (if you show up :wink: )

Jump for Joy is organized by Janča and Kuba – not only they are responsible for the event itself, but first and foremost they’re here to help and guide everyone with any doubts.

So if you’re not sure whether a category is for you or not, or if your outfit is fitting for the occasion – let them know. You can either catch them in person, write them a message through facebook or email, or if you have one, pigeon might work as well, and they’ll guide you through any trouble or uncertainty you have.




Any (dance) performance with maximum length of 90 seconds. Be it a couple, solo or in a group; Lindy Hop, Balboa or Solo Charleston, no matter if you started dancing yesterday, a month ago or it’s already been a year or two. So if you come up with what, how and with whom you’d like to do something, do it and come show us!


This category is inspired by a Pro-Am competition from 2015, which happened during Jazzbery vol.2 and Janča with Kuba decided to do something similar. Pro-Am is a type of competition, where more experienced dancers dance with those less experienced – and those more experienced were picked and asked to join by Janča and Kuba​.

And who will complete their couples? It can be you! All you need to know is at least a little bit of swing-out, you can’t dance for too long (not being in our Lindy 5+) and register (it opens on 8.9.). After the registration for this category closes (which will happen on 22.9.), we’ll use the ultimate technique to complete the couples – drawing names from a hat.

The couples will be able to prepare for the evening – they won’t know the exact song, but they’ll know the tempo and for how long they’ll be in the spotlight (how many eights). It’s allowed to have maximum of 6 hours of practice, but that’s not all – each couple will have a mentor – one teacher from our team, who will help them, guide them and support them, so that the whole thing is comfy and with as little stress as possible.


During the evening we’ll have three full dance sets from AppenDixie, without any competitions and just full of social dance. Because of the performances and competitions there will be very little DJed music, but we believe that there will be enough time to shake off the stress and enjoy some dances.


There are two registrations – entry registration and competition registration. Entry registration is required to attend Jump for Joy – whether to compete, watch and cheer for others, dance, or everything together. Competition registration is for those wanting to compete in our competitions and is separate from the entry registration. (Note, that competition registration is in Czech only – if you’re having trouble with the registration, write Kuba at kuba@swingwings.cz and he will help you out)

Ticket registration for entry

  • This registration is required to gain entry to Jump for Joy, whether you want to compete, cheer for competitors or just dance!
Na Jump for Joy se už nedá zaregistrovat, protože akce již proběhla!

Competition registration

  • This registration is only for competitions – registration for entry to Jump for Joy is separate!