Dark Blue Swing

15. – 17. 1. 2021 – CANCELED

The first Dark Blue Swing was organized in 2014. We expected decent saturday swing night but we were suprised by our swing friends from the whole Moravia, Prague, Vienna and Krakow.

We were taken by unbelievable energy of bouncing crowd in the swing rhythm. But as the community in Brno grew, one swing night wasn’t enough anymore.

Today the Dark Blue Swing is the weekend full of dance evenings, parties, and concerts connecting swing dancers throughout the whole Europe. No lessons, no workshops, no hard work. Just having fun, eating, drinking and listening to great swing and jazz and dancing until the morning.

Why Dark Blue Swing?

The name of our event is inspired by famous czech song the Dark Blue World (Tmavomodrý svět) by czech jazz composer Jaroslav Ježek. It’s a blues song talking about his destiny. Ježek was almost blind – he could only recognize shades of blue. Despite the fact he also had problems with his hearing, his love for music would lead him to the career of professional musician.

One of the famous czech movies was later named with the same name – the Dark Blue World. This movie tells a story dedicated to czech RAF pilots during WWII. It’s a movie full of inspiration for fashion, insight in Czech history, and music by Jaroslav Ježek.

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„ Music often can say what eyes don’t see and sounds further than ears can hear…“